I have enjoyed helping adoptees find their biological parents for years.  It is the most rewarding experience in my life.  If I can assist you don't hesitate  to contact me.  I help adoptees for a very nominal fee.


Following are the steps adoptees need to take in identifying a biological parent.

  1. Gather all the documents you already have into one place and scan them into a computer or take a readable picture.
  2. Order your Ancestry DNA kit. Order using this link and get 15% off  http://refer.dna.ancestry.com/s/crystalsconnections     
  3. Look at your documents.  Do you have a page of non id info? If not then you must find where in your state they have this information. Order it if you don't have it. This will go hand in hand with your DNA. I will provide a list of resources below.
  4. Go to the courthouse where your adoption took place and request any records they can provide. Go don't call because you are just another person on the phone making a plea for information. In person you can connect with them when asking to look at their files. When they want to know a reason ALWAYS SAY MEDICAL NECESSITY. Just being curious is not a valid legal reason.
  5. When your DNA comes back STOP.  DON'T contact matches, you aren't there yet.  


These are common mistakes that people make when searching for biological parents.

NEVER contact DNA match until you have....

  1. Documented everything possible from their information.  This means screenshot every person in their tree.
  2. Figure out other matches that you have in common with that match so you know which side of their tree you have in common.
  3. If you are new to DNA research make sure someone that is more experienced has a look.
  4. Have all the documents available and can immediately answer any questions they have.
  5. If this is not a close match Don't expect them to know your answer.  Adoption or Non Paternal events are usually family secrets.  So if it's a second cousin it is likely they don't know who your parents are unless there are family stories.
  6. You have transferred to every Free database available. Remember the goal is to make direct contact with family not to share their personal information.  Don't go down the list and say hey I'm adopted who are my parents? That's not how the process works.
  7. Make sure you have a support team around you this is a ROLLERCOASTER ride of emotions.  If you don't have a supportive family make sure to get into one of the Facebook support groups that FITS your situation.  If you need help locating these groups contact me and I can guide you.
  8. Don't get discouraged.  People have trouble understanding DNA and how it works.  DNA is a learning curve and it can take hours or years to solve a parentage issue using DNA but you have to keep the faith and know that there will eventually be a document or DNA match or something that will come in and solve the mystery.